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With Postcards…

Want more weird dreams? If you purchase our Weird Dream Society anthology, let us know via Twitter (tagging @Weirddreamsociety1 #weirddreamsociety) or post to our FB page ( and one of the authors in the anthology–selected at random–will send you a postcard with some of their actual words written on the back.

Latest Reviews

“I adore it…These stories are what weird should be. Each one is a different subgenre and [yet] its own beast all together…I’m just feeling electrified by the stories in this collection…they are all connected in the places that matter. They are weird, they are genre, and they contain fantastic prose I’ll keep coming back to over and over again. “

–Paul Jessup, Vernacular Books Guest Review

“..the dream-like quality of the stories delivers on the promise of the title….the collection as a whole weaves in moments of profound strangeness, places where the rules of the universe seem to bend and buckle….There are ghosts of a shopping mall, and little girls with superpowers, and a man who can change skins….For fans of dark fantasy and science fiction, there’s a whole lot to like….And there are still moments of hope and clarity, tucked in among the shattered dreams the collection catalogs.”

–Charles Payseur, Quick Sip Reviews

What’s This All About?

Playful, whimsical, or dark, but always thoughtful and tinged with the inexplicably weird, the Weird Dream Society brings together some of the most innovative creators in speculative fiction. Most of the book consists of reprints with a few new stories to round it out.

Proceeds from this charity anthology go to support RAICES, the nonprofit agency that promotes justice by providing free and low-cost legal services to under-served immigrant children, families, and refugees. With offices in Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio, RAICES is a frontline organization in the roiling debate about immigration and immigrants in the world.

Table of Contents

Nathan Ballingrud
Carina Bissett
Gregory Norman Bossert
Karen Bovenmyer
Christopher Brown
Emily Cataneo
Julie C. Day
Michael J Deluca
Gemma Files
A.T. Greenblatt
Nin Harris
Chip Houser
James Patrick Kelly
Marianne Kirby
Kathrin Köhler
Matthew Kressel
Jordan Kurella
Premee Mohamed
Sarah Read
Sofia Samatar
Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam
Steve Toase
A.C. Wise

In addition to his fictional work, author and artist Gregory Norman Bossert generously donated the anthology’s cover illustration.

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