The Weird Dream Society is a project of a small group of writers and a large group of friends. The Post-Apocalyptic Writers Society (PAWS) is a peer critique group that has been meeting for years. With members in both Europe and the United States, the group meets via Zoom & Skype and chats via Slack, text, & very occasionally in person. Early in 2019 the group decided to take another step together and publish a charity anthology 1) to raise money for RAICES and 2) to make a statement as authors in the genre community concerning migrants and the currently devolving situation at the Mexican-US border. Julie C. Day took up the mantle of organizational dervish, otherwise known as Editor-in-Chief. Other members of the group have contributed in a variety of ways: story contributors, copy editors, newsletter writers–enthusiastic participants, one and all.

Over the course of 2019 and into 2020 we’ve continued to press forward with the project. Publishers and writers in the community have responded with helpful advice and a multitude of stories, all of which has led to an incredible Table of Contents. In a time when so much feels wrong, this anthology is reminding all of us that people can be and often are both generous and wonderful.

Active Members of Post-Apocalyptic Writers’ Society (PAWS)

Carina Bissett (Co-editor) is a writer, poet, and educator working primarily in the fields of dark fiction and interstitial art. Her short fiction and poetry has been published in multiple journals and anthologies including the Hath No Fury, Journal of Mythic Arts, Mythic Delirium, NonBinary Review, Timeless Tales, and The Horror ‘Zine. She teaches online workshops at The Storied Imaginarium and has a Creative Writing MFA from Stonecoast. Her work has been nominated for several awards and she was the recipient of the 2016 HWA Scholarship. Julie C. Day‘s (Editor-in-Chief) dark fantasy novella, The Rampant, is a 2019 Lambda Literary Award finalist. Her debut collection Uncommon Miracles came out the prior year. Julie has published numerous stories in magazines & journals such as The Dark, Black Static, Podcastle, Split Lip Magazine, Interzone, and the Cincinnati Review. She lives in a small town in New England with her family and a menagerie of variously sized animals. Café writing and long walks with ebooks are also a non-quarantine thing. You can find Julie online at @thisjulieday or on her blog
Chip Houser‘s (Co-editor) short fiction has been published in The Arcanist, Daily Science Fiction, Every Day Fiction, and many other markets. His collection Dark Morsels is forthcoming from Red Bird Chapbooks. Other stories in the Smilerverse can be found in Bourbon Penn #20 and New Myths #38. He’s a graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop, has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Missouri-St. Louis, where he was Associate Editor for the literary journal Natural Bridge, and currently reads slush for Amazing Stories. Labors of love, all. To fund his wild writing lifestyle, he practices architecture, mostly during daylight hours, always with a grin showing too much teeth. Marianne Kirby writes about bodies both real and imagined. She plays with the liminal space between vanishing and visibility. She authored Dust Bath Revival and its sequelHogtown Market; she co-authored Lessons from the Fatosphere: Quit Dieting and Declare a Truce with Your Body
A long-time writer, editor, and activist, Marianne has contributed to women’s interest publications, news outlets, and tv shows that require people to have opinions. She has been published by the GuardianxoJane, the Daily Dot, Bitch Magazine, Time, and others. She has appeared on tv and radio programs ranging from the Dr. Phil Show to Radio New Zealand.
Kathrin Köhler is a graduate of the Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop and the University of Wisconsin – Madison. An immigrant interested in the interstitial and ideas interdisciplinary, they are most comfortable writing in places “between.” Favorite topics include the power of narrative, what it means to belong, and how people conceive of and interact with nature. Their work has appeared in Interfictions, Strange Horizons, the Book Smugglers, and other fine places. Author website at Jordan Kurella is a queer and disabled author who has lived all over the world (including Moscow and Manhattan). In their past lives, they were a barista, radio DJ, and social worker. Their work has been featured in Apex, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and Strange Horizons magazines.
Sarah Read is a dark fiction writer in the frozen north of Wisconsin. Her short stories can be found in various places, including Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year vol 10. A collection of her short fiction called Out of Water, a Bram Stoker finalist, is available now from Trepidatio Publishing, as is her Bram Stoker Award-winning novel The Bone Weaver’s Orchard. When she’s not staring into the abyss, she knits. You can find her online on Instagram or Twitter @Inkwellmonster or on her site at Toase (Social Media Coordinator) was born in North Yorkshire, England, and now lives in Munich, Germany. He writes regularly for Fortean Times and Folklore Thursday. His fiction has appeared in Three Lobed Burning Eye, Shimmer, Lackington’s, Aurealis, Not One of Us, Cabinet des Feés and Pantheon Magazine amongst others. In 2014 “Call Out” (first published in Innsmouth Magazine) was reprinted in The Best Horror Of The Year 6, and two of his stories have just been selected for Best Horror of the Year 11. His first short story collection To Drown In Dark Water is due out from Undertow Publications in 2021. He also likes old motorbikes and vintage cocktails. You can keep up to date with his work via his Patreon,,, and @stevetoase.

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