The Outer Dark Episode #71— An entire episode dedicated to the WDS anthology! 7 amazing readers and an interview with Julie C. Day, the Editor-in-Chief.

If This Goes On (Don’t Panic) — Editor-in-Chief Julie C. Day joins the If This Goes On team Alan Bailey of Alan & Jeremy Versus SF, writer/editor Cat Rambo, Twitch streamer Rachel Renee of the Gametographers, and writer/editor Diane Morrison (Sable Aradia). [35:00 onward]


Reckoning Press interviews the Weird team: Julie C. Day, Carina Bissett, Chip Houser, Steve Toase


““this anthology more than lives up to its name….From the very first outing, you’re pulled into a variety of situations from the everyday to the fantastical, but all of them unusual (the book does have weird in the title, after all).…the variety on offer is impressive, from obsessive butter collector to chitinous people fighting a seemingly endless war, and one story delivered in the form of a questionnaire. Weird indeed.…Each peculiar path you’re taken down demands your full attention, giving you well-realised, engaging characters and places stuffed to bursting with vivid detail. Romance, sci-fi and fantasy are all represented here, delivered by a range of diverse voices, with some scenarios that’ll prickle your skin with discomfort, excitement and the odd bit of terror. Like a dream that follows you into wakefulness, this intriguing anthology steadily moves its ideas into your mind, where they’re bound to linger long after you close the last page.”

–Ben Walker, Unnerving Magazine

“..the dream-like quality of the stories delivers on the promise of the title….the collection as a whole weaves in moments of profound strangeness, places where the rules of the universe seem to bend and buckle….There are ghosts of a shopping mall, and little girls with superpowers, and a man who can change skins….For fans of dark fantasy and science fiction, there’s a whole lot to like….And there are still moments of hope and clarity, tucked in among the shattered dreams the collection catalogs.”

–Charles Payseur, Quick Sip Reviews

“I adore it…These stories are what weird should be. Each one is a different subgenre and [yet] its own beast all together…I’m just feeling electrified by the stories in this collection…they are all connected in the places that matter. They are weird, they are genre, and they contain fantastic prose I’ll keep coming back to over and over again. I mean, look at the list of writers above- it’s a really great list of writers. And reading this has me loving weird fiction again, a genre I’d felt has grown stale and boring and very very un-weird as of late.”

–Paul Jessup, Vernacular Books Guest Review

“This must-read anthology is a project to raise money for RAICES and includes a scintillating selection of [mostly] reprint stories by some of SFF’s best and brightest writers.”

–Maria Haskins, Strange Horizons Quarterly Short Fiction Roundup

The twenty-three stories range in length and scope, but they come together to form a whole that is very evocative of the name “weird dream society.”

The language throughout the stories is lush and descriptive, making some of them very dense reads, even when they are fairly short. A few of the stories stood out for me as definite favorites. “Butter-Daughters” by Nin Harris is a beautiful blend of the surreal and the academic, reading very much like a history or anthropology article but still containing elements of story. “Skin Like Carapace” by Steve Toase manages a masterful amount of world-building through tiny details and things that are left unsaid. “Higher Works” by Gregory Normal Bossert tells the story of what could very well be a near-future society of nanotechnology and underground musical/visual performances, with the characters making the story even more engrossing. I also loved “Jewel of the Vashwa” by Jordan Kurella, which features some of the best use of an unreliable narrator that I’ve ever seen in a story.

If you like your short fiction surreal and weird, check out Weird Dream Society.

–Dawn Vogel, History That Never Was

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